Evening of November 30, 2022



~Susan Burch

wilted flowers by the roadside vigil

~John Hawkhead


~John Hawkhead

A Darkening Year

A bird fleeing

mottled wings

from a songless cage

~Steve Gerson

railroad track

fragments and phrases


~Keith Evetts

The Burning

And if I were Queen of the world,

I would burn all of the cages

where feathers have fallen to rust

and every sweet song

is just a melancholy whistling of dust.

~Connie Carmichael

Host Family

 My dog is host to

a family of five fleas

moved here recently

from abroad you see

that is to say, hopped

over from Bud the beagle

across the street when

their noses touched on

our walk yesterday

~Julie A. Dickson

traffic symphony:

the shrill pitch of an ambulance

colliding with 

a bawling police horn


a naked fire siren

                           . . .

who on God’s earth can survive 

this orchestra?

~Rupa Anand

so smooth

the grab bars on

the inside of the oven

~Richard Magahiz


~Susan Burch

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