Five Fleas Merch

Afternoon of November 19, 2022

Creatives Need Each Other

Sometimes they need each other & wine

& cheese & warm bread & meat & smoked salmon dip & Flamenco guitars

& conversations in the dining room

& on the porch with the ghosts of deviled eggs.

~Keith Snow

wind shear pruning her whispers

~Kelly Moyer

linen napkins untucking her tail

~Kelly Moyer

home on the range of ICBM

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

nirvana a straight shot on the turnpike

~Kelly Moyer

gin-bottle green

the patience of

the blowfly

~John Pappas

Why Did God Make Blowflies?

Little maggots wriggling on fresh meat

The blowfly has laid her babies

Now isn’t that so sweet?

God intended all his creatures do

Go forth and multiply

That is his golden rule

~Gaye Hemsley

cheese sandwich

my death poem

cheese sandwich

~Keith Evetts

two front orange teeth

crooked they're overlapping...

eclipsed beaver moon

~Pat Geyer

        verandah edge

      a slug, poor chap

      pressing forward


~Rupa Anand

if you're not expecting

a headful of snakes

well well

~Keith Evetts

~S├ębastien Revon


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