Afternoon of November 21, 2022

engineer above



part icicle

~J. D. Nelson

Gran's Mason jar

the red flour beetle's

death curve

~Keith Evetts

drinkable haiku —

from notebook pages

paper cones

~Mirela Br─âilean

a flea couple

went on a date

to watch a flea

love story

where they saw

flea bumps

so at home

Mr. and Mrs. Flea

fed and bred

~Madeleine Vinluan

nervous breakdown

such a long path

to her roses

~Daniel Birnbaum


my sister-in law’s

sage advice

~Kelly Moyer

as if the moon had

no memory

the unworn corset

~Kelly Moyer


you pull me so close

our ridges blend


~Shasta Hatter

as if

a caddisfly larva 

might glue up a Taj Mahal,

as if

a brown dwarf

might choose to go nova

as if

a waste dump

mated with a fetid swamp

~Richard Magahiz

the mask on the wall

its eyes unmoved

by our world

~Daniel Birnbaum

fungus where does it go

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

Lie Low

Do all survive through camouflage,

stark stand out gone, as merge preferred?

We know the smallest, best defence,

adopt their leaf or branch as tent,

just as those fleas, in hair, on leg,

all playing dead, dead cert deployed.

But my red spots are proof they lie,

lowlife, lie low, outlier soon.

~Stephen Kingsnorth

torn fishnets

i’m the one

that got away

~Kelly Moyer

the wrong way -

the wrong way?

this is the end of the world!

There's no

right or wrong anymore.

~Richard Magahiz

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