Five Fleas Merch

Evening of November 28, 2022


a wiggler amidst the orthodoxy of toes

~Patrick Sweeney

Shoe Poems:

Women in Shoes

In the supermarkets of America

women are wearing shoes!

~Michael Haller

Musical Shoes

Every time you walk past me

I hear a symphony

from your shoes.

~Michael Haller

Bondage in a Shoe

I long to lace your feet

inside your shoes.

~Michael Haller

Shoe Shine

I’ll shine your shoes

with my lips.

~Michael Haller

Cinderella’s Shoe



a shoe.

You don’t

~Michael Haller

creepy shadows

along the muddy road

bright moon

~R.K. Singh

seeing her body

in the lingerie drying

on clothesline

~R.K. Singh

ceaseless clouds the day darkens my face

~Amoolya Kamalnath

silent musical unwritten score

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

panoramic view the spiders take advantage

~Amoolya Kamalnath

nuts and bolts

in the family tool box...

holding it together

~Kavita Ratna



the prayer hall

swallows her shrieks

heavy incense fog

~Kavita Ratna


even in wartime fledglings learn to fly

~Kerry J Heckman

a field mouse

skitters to its hole—

war zone

~Anna Cates

homesick for Kansas

two paper funnel clouds

taped to window

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

in the wild

inner echoes


R.K. Singh

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