Afternoon of November 24, 2022

swifts across the moon

oh Frida Kahlo's brows

~Adrian Bouter

scaring each other

 we freeze while he vanishes

into the wall

~A.J. Anwar


in the bus home the driver

whistles opera

~Alfred Booth

rainy day

urge to stay under the duvet

~Fran├žoise Maurice

flying the feeling the all-seeing eye

~Mark Gilbert

speak his name not with more bullets

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

rain drops like laser

beams splatter to

crystal shards

~Wayne F. Burke

as before Neptune raining diamonds

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

Whispers to the Wall

A vagrant vacancy

whispers to the wall,

in silent proclivity

illegible scrawl

Meaningless message,

or does it preclude

a venomous vestige

most humans elude?

~Julie A. Dickson

phosphorescent snakes

in the fluorescent mist —

the pharmacist's goof

~Mark Meyer

I bite his lip

before he says something

I'll regret

~Ann Smith

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