Afternoon of June 29, 2024


The Vanlifer

~Kelly Moyer

wish I could download laundry print it out folded

~Keith Snow

he knew he was in trouble

when he began folding

his dirty laundry

~Patrick Sweeney

I need someone to scream out loud my thinking.

~James Penha

contemplate the moon

but don't let the neighbors see you

taking notes

~Patrick Sweeney


entirely superfluous

in summer

~Jennifer Gurney

From another era


We don't know exactly

the date of birth of Jesus Christ.

Perhaps he was born

a few years before Jesus Christ.

~Marie Derley

dirt streaked window

making broken patterns

rivers of obscured glass

~Rae Greenwood


a sidewalk toadstool


~Eavonka Ettinger

neighbor's incessant pounding headache

~Eavonka Ettinger

rotting mangoes

on a river bank—

smell still sweet

~Tejendra Sherchan

on a hushed mountaintop

I play a melodious music

a rhythm of dots, dash, & space

~Fhen M.

one night stand

up comic laid

off from his gig

~John J. Dunphy

pathless woods

this yearning

to discover myself

~Mona Bedi

filling my cup

with your absence

winter rain

~Mona Bedi

late night broadcasts the rustling understory

~John Pappas

creeping sepia becoming the unknown ancestor

~John Pappas

carrying with me the parts of me i wanted to leave behind

~Mona Bedi

Whiskey dogs in the scullery

Goose girls who keep fires lit

And go to and fro bearing wash

And children

Beyond is a carriage

Whose lantern burns

The color of absinthe

Horses bear it further Manes thick

With luminous flies and their

Hooves echo the Thunder of creation

~Joe Pagano

house steps

a vase of Calla Lilies

buried in the dust

~Tejendra Sherchan

then nothing


time goes by

and we go with it

in fifty years we won't be here

or in what condition

flowers that will bloom a few times

and then what?

~Marie Derley

bring me my horoscope and a Geiger counter

~Patrick Sweeney

she said: the quasi-scientific names of pharmaceutical products are only bothering you

~Patrick Sweeney



Afternoon of June 27, 2024


the seventh galaxy...

so the first six just

not good enough?

~Richard Magahiz

neosilk rubbed

wormholes spill out

through her fingers

~Richard Magahiz

with each tiptoe    another crater

~Richard Magahiz

On Top?


Stand on top of the rock

that mimics a fossilized

cow patty dropped

by a Neanderthal bovine.


Makes you look like

a come-to-the-party-

too-late fly wandering

on sun-baked manure.

~Diane Webster

reading Lovecraft

to the carnivorous plants

I'm touched

~David C. Kopaska-Merkel

risk assessment

funding cut for

asteroid watch

~David C. Kopaska-Merkel

I wake to find

black hoofprints on your back


~David C. Kopaska-Merkel

the dinosaurs

no more toilet paper

on the shelves

~Randy Brooks

curling her hair


frozen orange juice cans

~Randy Brooks

fox not going anywhere


the eagle’s stomach

~Randy Brooks

Together In Alone


The solitary woman walks

down the only dirt road

in and out from land

occupied by a lone

tree seen for miles.

~Diane Webster

Toward Point


Sharp triangle of light

slices through the darkness

on street level where

one human silhouette


drags its shadow

toward the apex point

separating, joining

day to night merge,

submerge silhouette.

~Diane Webster

old clay pitcher

still unfilled with night long

Monsoon rain

~Tejendra Sherchan

political argument

two buttheads

butt heads

~John J. Dunphy


Morning of June 25, 2024


we’ve rolled together

bounced off each other a few times

but eventually settled

in this U-shaped valley

where the stream meanders to the sea

~Mark Gilbert



all this dusk burning my story

~Tiffany Elise

solstice or the inferno of same same

~Tiffany Elise

'Glacier is dead...'

Frightens the human stomach

The last message

From the river

For farming.

~Partha Sarkar


that gorgeous jazz

my bank plays me

to placate me soothe me

calm me down

distract me convince me

everything’s going to be fine


If you would like to hear ambient birdsong instead of jazz music please press 1 now.

~Mark Gilbert

I once saw bound bouquets

of blue roses at a market

as a child

so many years ago

that now it feels like

it was another person

puzzling over their indigo petals

~Simon Kaeppeli

now heavy reading

the paperback beach novel

drenched by the tide

~John J. Dunphy

Urban design

Polished streets

Streamlined for efficient traffic

Darkened windows fail to catch the eye

Nothing to see here

A homeless man is ushered away

Lest he would make people think

~Simon Kaeppeli

god’s waiting room

a crossword puzzle

with the easy ones

already filled in

by somebody else

in the queue

~Mark Gilbert

I list

my car for sale –

very same day

check engine light

comes on

~Jennifer Gurney

and maybe it was too hard

for you

to stop the ivy

from spreading

from choking off

the oak

~Tiffany Elise

don’t ask —                                                       i will end up saying  
                      yes to everything

~Rupa Anand



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Afternoon of June 19, 2024


I will hide

deep in this forest

tell stories

to giants

a thousand years old

~Sharon Ferrante

Busy Route

a glass-bottom bus

to see who’s thrown under it

Washington, D.C.

~John H. Dromey

the identity crisis we all have waning moon

~Arvinder Kaur

my forgiveness a beast with too many heads

~Joana Figueiredo

another depth to the sunset orange bombing stops

~Arvinder Kaur

Kicking up clouds of dust I made promises I can’t fulfill

~Joana Figueiredo

soliloquy who do I think I am?

~John Hawkhead

long breakup again and again this mailer demon

~Arvinder Kaur

through the window life goes on

~Jennifer Gurney

juxta I have no position

~Sharon Ferrante

hearing my life in the lyrics the blues

~Jennifer Gurney

I am living in half delirium

for the third day in a row

I am running laps around my sanity

~Joana Figueiredo

Kitten died at the end of the day

Alive can't be that dead

Throat can't be that quiet

I buried a kitten in a computer box

Next to the grave without a cemetery, I planted a tree

I still remember how I called our son a kitten

In my old age, I will remember how I planted a tree, raised a son and built a new

house for my son

~Mykyta Ryzhykh

(Previously published in The Gorko Gazette)

trying to fix

my head with things

from the junk drawer

~Amber Winter

Summer evening—

a cicada sings in my town

silencing all its noise

~Tejendra Sherchan

transit ward

the nurse


from one patient to the next

wearing the same gloves

~Tuyet Van Do

in the end

his claws

never scratched

the loneliness

out of me

~Joana Figueiredo

under the heat dome

does any damn fool

still say don't sweat it

~dan smith



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Afternoon of June 15, 2024


deadheading roses

how can

this much summer

have already

been lived

~Jennifer Gurney


on the bathroom floor

my mortal enemy

taking the cockroach in a cloth

I set him outdoors

~Madeleine Kavanagh

CVS pharmacy

elevator music

line of legal drug seekers

~Steve Van Allen

local market

a lady walking about


of foundation cream

on her face

~Tuyet Van Do

The faces I meet

A train at 4 a.m.

The call of the vein.

Different boulders.


I open the door

And find a human-a glistening sardonic.

If I am happy, I am in a deathtrap.

~Partha Sarkar

I love the stone for the fact that he is steadfastly silent

I don't like people because they die

little birds kiss the glass of the universe

the world is a torn book in the hands of a child

~Mykyta Ryzhykh

(Originally published in Perceptions Magazine)

Calibrating Etymology

I used to close

with beat regards

but now beatitudes

seem more appropriate

~dan smith

No green in the clock

Once he protested alone against injustice and got defeated.

Then he thought he should protest collectively

And he joined the city of protest

And it is wise act

And it is positive.


But for a long time, I do not find any greenness in the clock.

~Partha Sarkar

bump stocks–

a major trigger

burning bright

~dan smith


~Keith Evetts

shadow of a plane leaping trout

~Keith Evetts

no earthly reason why the moon

~Keith Evetts

it comes to me the cat

~Keith Evetts

the sky eats birds on the horizon

the bird shrinks to the size of a dot

the sun shines like a question mark

what will happen next?

~Mykyta Ryzhykh


(Originally published in Perceptions Magazine)

stepping off the train

with me

a vagabond pigeon

~Ranu Jain



Morning of June 14, 2024


The Cat Lady

~Kelly Moyer

up close

to the crow's


~Patrick Sweeney

turns out

you can take it with you


~Jerome Berglund

the twisted stanines in my testing history

~Patrick Sweeney

election results macaques + sleight of hand

~Jerome Berglund

Every voter is nothing but a salained corpse

The consternation.

The helpless eyes or the greedy fleeing.

The same attire of the ages.

No new wings for, of, by people.

Only just a box to put something into. What?

None know.

Yet a queue...

A smoke billowing.

~Partha Sarkar

he was far too mathematical for reincarnation

~Patrick Sweeney

not always a bad thing crash test dummy

~Jerome Berglund

a rubber boat traveled on the waters

resistance fighters about to pull the trigger

shoot first, talk later

~Fhen M.

Zummer Evenèn

Zunlight whirlèn

Zummer Evenèn

Russlèn brook

Yollow flowerz

Storm clouds

Gather in orcha'd

Death no foe

Never can forget 'ee

Hearty vo'k zing

A zong ov rememberin'

~Olinda Ninolakis

in this part of the play, I'm the old man writing in the back room

~Patrick Sweeney

dead pixel cheese grater revisionism

~Jerome Berglund

so many triggers Shiva packing heat

~Jerome Berglund

Dog Float

I float therefore I am

My human is close at hand

She leaves me adrift on a float

All the swimmers know me

I am a canine boat

I do know how to swim

Swimmers look at me and grin 

But it's so nice to just

Observe the birds above

In humans I do trust

~Olinda Ninolakis

when we used to wonder who the pallbearers would be

~Patrick Sweeney

leaving Sheetz through the wrong door    the pretzels know the way

~Patrick Sweeney

the voice on the phone doesn't breathe

~Patrick Sweeney

a glance back and the mystic stumbles

  ~Patrick Sweeney




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