Afternoon of May 25, 2023

early to bed

early to rise

I can’t keep up

with her


~Randy Brooks

tropical jungle

whiffs of life from its debris—


~James Penha

Our jagged-edged

world protrudes into

neighbouring galaxies,

stirs up storm clouds,

disturbs prophesy

~Pam Makin

but it has always been this way

that the bones of the dead

nourish the land

~Tiffany Shaw-Diaz

dearest maple

i am tired

of being the wind

~Tiffany Shaw-Diaz

night train —

throwing another day

into the lake

~Debarati Sen

she has

no reflection


~Sharon Ferrante

New Year's Day

on our snowman's head

an ice bag

~John J. Dunphy

lilac bush

i no longer have

illusions about my goodness

~Tiffany Shaw-Diaz


No, I do not want to read

the Jewish heritage display books.

I will celebrate my Jewish heritage

by being cranky.

Thank you.

~Noah Berlatsky

Choose your own adventure

but keep your seatbelt fastened

and familiarise yourself with

the brace position

~Pam Makin

Morning of May 21, 2023


stretching into frame

a man seated

patiently reading

his newspaper

~Jerome Berglund

Screen door slams

I enter into


~Jennifer Gurney

life falls

out from under you . . .

sudden sinkhole

~Kimberly Kuchar

at the river mouth plastic mountain


49 Cents Change

handed to me. I announced

I love multiples of seven.

She's allergic to math,

she said.

I imagine, long

division, breaking her out in fives.

Back home, my subtraction ended

abruptly, anxiety tripled.

She said, I could count on her.

~Keith Snow


in the pond . . .

I fade away

~Kimberly Kuchar



for good




~Jerome Berglund

frozen noon. . .

the soldier's son sketches

a robin

~Bipasha Majumder (De)

I am a new man today.

Or is that tomorrow?

~Noah Berlatsky





table magic pay to watch

~Jerome Berglund

the storm

carries away

my voice

I ask the wizard for help

but he can't hear me

~Kimberly Kuchar

Under spring clouds

hawks circle an Exxon station

checking gas prices?

~Steve Van Allen

stagnant pond

the stench

of a dead haiku

~Kimberly Kuchar

rainy day

crunch of snail shells

under my feet

~Fran├žoise Maurice


in the scrapyard

rejected poems

~Kimberly Kuchar

Evening of May 20, 2023

Through the window

the brick wall.

I’ll look again tomorrow.

~Noah Berlatsky

spring darkness

surrounds us

far from civilization

the heavens give way

to a pinwheel galaxy

~Christina Chin / M. R. Defibaugh


It’s spotified beneath the dirt,

the face, book laid out, skin-spread wheals,

so small, but instant gram of pain,

beneath the grime now deep ingrained,

patina, antique furniture -

poor profile, social media.

I’m now unliked, though fleas do well.

~Stephen Kingsnorth

in every mirror

a ghost

in time.

~Noah Berlatsky

morning coffee -

pressing issues

drip away

plunging us

into a new day

~Bonnie Scherer

rewriting an earlier annotation in the book I'm rereading

~Patrick Sweeney


the luminous face of the man who plays the kazoo

~Patrick Sweeney


I'm at my own atomic impasse when it comes to Feynman's bongos

~Patrick Sweeney


remembering the deep summer ice cream headaches of our love

~Patrick Sweeney


a sudden change of mind about spontaneous combustion

~Patrick Sweeney