Five Fleas Merch

Afternoon of November 20, 2022

swoop four

soil ants

sun ants

rain ants

flower ants

~J. D. Nelson

all earth's dinosaurs —

even before being birds

got up, flew the coop

~Pat Geyer

scientific o’day





~J. D. Nelson

boarding with dead

raccoon, opossum, armadillo

carrion luggage

~Jim Krotzman

counting roadkill / miss the exit

~Keith Evetts

road rash  

           the wild


            of her

rainbow riders

~Kelly Moyer

Your foot

survived, but you did not.

The rest of you is missing.

A 140 degrees hot pool

didn’t like your toes,

I suppose,

and spit them up

to waiting arms.

The rest of you was yummy.

~Nolcha Fox

the corpse is burning...

         but still;

smell of jasmine

~Kamrun Nahar

dinner bell

the last

of the hog races

~Kelly Moyer

flowery orange pekoe

scalding liters

in my silent


~J. D. Nelson

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