Afternoon of November 27, 2022



an old wives' tale

in the tenor's breath

~Robert Witmer

jasmine soap...

grandma scrubs

her water buffalo

~Vibha Malhotra


the seed she planted his idea

~Kelly Moyer


big bang god should have called the gas company

~Jim Krotzman


winter sun mangoes from elsewhere

~Kelly Moyer

pondering his fate

the turkey and I …

he pardons me

~Bonnie J Scherer


the aurora borealis

of her eyes

where low tide used to be

~Jim Krotzman



family planning

we adopt

a more precise vocabulary

~Kelly Moyer


Loaded on coffee

beans and lattes,

he fractures his fiction,

shards puncture his lies.

A policeman pulls him over

for alphabet pollution

and no license to fly.

~Nolcha Fox


runneth over

the world's cup

~Robert Witmer

shifting shadows...

the long, lonely walk

to the outdoor toilet

~Vibha Malhotra

Pack a big bag

and forward mail

for this guilt trip.

You’ll be gone

for the rest

of your life.

~Nolcha Fox

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