Afternoon of November 30, 2022


Dull Shine

sometimes love stalls

carburetor clogged with self-pity

or pettiness or thoughtlessness

like oil-stained rags left on

an oil-stained garage floor pitted

and windows half shut

so rain pours in


~Steve Gerson

all our unanswered prayers incense ash

~Mona Bedi

beyond the pull of earth whale song

~Keith Evetts

All Those Books

They’ve not been shelved, despite their space,

though most unleaved, a collage built

through time and place in unity,

each tome a tale from memory,

the books we’ll never read.

~Stephen Kingsnorth





looked ominous


the sign said



we became lost

just going

around the block

~Geoffrey Aitken

heron’s syrinx tuning the prehistoric bugle

~Jim Krotzman

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