Evening of March 31, 2023

At last


you and I

have caught each other.

~Noah Berlatsky

Boredom is healthy

That’s when the truly good stuff


~Jennifer Gurney

An empty mailbox

Holds the space for loneliness

Like a basket for

Just-harvested eggs that will

Never hatch into chicks

~Jennifer Gurney

I often put on

The sweater you left behind

Just to feel you close

~Jennifer Gurney

parting gifts

they pull out

but leave land mines

     dogs dig up

     mass graves

~Jerome Berglund

        & petro c. k.

t  h  e     s  p  a  c  e     b  e  t  w  e  e  n     c  h  a  i  n  -  l  i  n  k  s

~Jerome Berglund

highway traffic —

the rain blurs my


~Debarati Sen

scarecrow    you don't have to do anything but stand on one foot

~Patrick Sweeney

Cinderella had the perfect excuse

~Patrick Sweeney

my computer tells me:    it looks like you've reached the end

~Patrick Sweeney

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