Five Fleas Merch

Morning of March 26, 2023

mindfulness wherever you go there you are

~Mona Bedi


snake devours tail

man bites dust

wave and particle

one duality

~Fay L. Loomis

Decide for Joy

We stand before the red door.

It is sorrow. We must decide.

The door falls on us. That is the decision.

We are flat as a door.

It is hard to see anything but red when there is a red door on you.

And you are flat.

Everything is now decided.

We will open the door and sorrow will walk through us.

Any minute now we will get up.

~Noah Berlatsky

fallow fields

this need to be left alone

~Mona Bedi

April sun we too were young once

~Mona Bedi


I added a layer of corrosive powder

when I releveled the backyard bricks we BBQ on.

Still, the anthill urban sprawl sprawls.

That makes me the parasite on their property.

Outwitted, now I must find a way to be a symbiote.

When I spill my drink, we drink the same margherita.

They build cities under a map of my pheromones.

Are they making a risky treaty, or a confident incursion?

~Terry Trowbridge

I’ve done more cleaning

Since I woke up today

Than in my whole life

~Jennifer Gurney

paper cut

how deep this


~Mona Bedi

The mystery

Of what tomorrow will bring

Is the gift

~Jennifer Gurney

small town

the silence that grows

within me

~Mona Bedi

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