Evening of March 12, 2023

puzzling out

the footprints in the snow

alien invasion

~Joshua St. Claire

family planning —

the awkwardness of

a relative's advice

~Daipayan Nair

a nightmare…

my red kettle

hums a lullaby

~Kavita Ratna

the crust bends    a borehole spurts syrup   

~Richard Magahiz

The cruelty of

Children can be staggering

With a single word

~Jennifer Gurney

How can a full moon

Wreak havoc on the playground

From so far away

~Jennifer Gurney

Have you ever tried

Writing a simple word and

It just looks all wrong?

~Jennifer Gurney

when these shackles

were forged, dodos wept —

O the shame

~Richard Magahiz

women's day the little old lady speaks alone

~Fran├žoise Maurice

Indian curries

way of ghost pepper

from top to bottom

~Bidyut Prabha Gantayat

Stairway to Heaven

closed. Important construction

work about to begin.

~Oliver Kleyer

the door's friendly squeak in your wake

~Mirela Brailean

death asana—

my instinct

to survive

~Ram Chandran

not a soul

in the darkness

yet the fear...


The switch

That silences the phone

Is broken.


~Noah Berlatsky


she packs her dreams

inside a garbage bag

~Debarati Sen


she hums

to the empty cradle

~Debarati Sen

Dry lab


  in the keypad 

  this is a re re re  

argus howls the horrible starlight


  at our feet the guts

  of a nebula

pickaxe strikes steel and that's how things end

~Richard Magahiz

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