Morning of March 2, 2023

 shock value

her life

as a live wire

~Kelly Moyer

Matt or Gloss?


Can fleas jump through the icepack melt,

deep buried matt in polar fur,

or hide, wide in the penguin stir,

caught bubble, air, as water thump?

Working though clumps to find the derm,

then holding on for all their worth,

despite the preening beaks as comb;

not gloss as seals escape the whales,

thick skinned, unsuitable to fleas.

~Stephen Kingsnorth

Thought is a caterpillar

wiggling down the spine,

making a left into the mouth,

and fluttering out as a word butterfly.

Sometimes, it turns too soon

and slides down the nose.

Then, it’s just snot.

~Nolcha Fox

Highway trucks like thunder invade dreams like a storm

~Julie A. Dickson

clarified butter the owl's antecedent

~Kelly Moyer

spare parts the sum of his life

~Kelly Moyer

Tattered Threads

The holes 

in his jeans

are portals



I embrace

my true nature


the shelf-life

of Easy Cheese.

~Kelly Moyer

dust-covered a poem filled with ribbon candy

~Kelly Moyer

mud flower bloom

~Rob McKinnon

spring rain 

trimming rust 

from the berries

~Kelly Moyer

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