Evening of March 2, 2023

 sea anemones

the girl in the aquarium

fingers her hair

~Keith Evetts

      a tisket a tasket

  we’re off to buy a casket

 my mother died my father cried

      a tisket a tasket

  we need another casket

~Ellen Kom

remember why they're called forget-me-nots?

~Keith Evetts

Items on the Menu

I keep poems in a box so they will not get away.

I write them and throw them in there, let them pile up.

When they are ripe or rotten I take them out,

type them up, or throw them away.

Its the same with what I send to publishers:

trash in the mail or trash at the curb.

Sometimes only rats and raccoons can appreciate

what is on my mind, and find the treasures

hidden in the muck, ready for digestion.

~Joseph Farley

for ukraine

inside a doll

another doll

another doll

inside a doll


~Rupa Anand

evening shadows if I'm not mistaken

~Keith Evetts

Those tiny little

Hairs on the back of your neck

After each haircut

~Jennifer Gurney

No Prophet in It

I never meant

to save the world.

I never meant

to destroy it.

I only wanted

to be here a while

and watch the mountains

move towards the sea.

~Joseph Farley

back room

of the library


~Keith Evetts


Nature does not

bend to pen,

instead smashes

against home,

ten-year-old windows

buckle under gusts.

Forced endings

are for the weak.

~Chad Parenteau

The Internet’s Forever Until It Isn’t 


Someday this will be what’s left of me.

Bytes on servers flickering;

dreary blogs that burp and settle like bogs

drawn on a whiteboard, 

devolving PowerPoint.


The internet is forever until it isn’t.

Skin-colored, ten-limbed creatures flop and breed

clacking nowhere chattering.

A friable ghost is lost

when you turn it off, or off.

~Noah Berlatsky


In the future,

everyone realizes

how badly

they screwed up

twenty years prior.

~Chad Parenteau


~Keith Evetts

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