Afternoon of March 6, 2023

wear and tear

the guarantee has expired

on this life

~Wanda Amos

harvest moon

a muskrat busts out

the ouija board

~Kelly Moyer

family photos

everyone dead

even the living

~Ellen Kom

past the brightest star

a left turn takes you

beyond footprints

~Linda L Ludwig

petrichor all the rage with the worms

~Kelly Moyer

the steam of hot exchange tea stall

~Bidyut Prabha Gantayat

jotting notes

on the old book

I buy a new diary

as if I'll be inspired

to write again

~Christina Chin / M. R. Defibaugh

Six-Word Life Memoir


Signals worn due to self-hatred.

~Dan Provost

To Ti Esti


If words were sheep,

I’d shear them,

then writhe

to the music

of their naked bleating.

~Kelly Moyer

When water-birds walk

their feet fold

so that the two outer toes


~Noah Berlatsky

So disappointing

To get an invitation

After the event

~Jennifer Gurney

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