Evening of March 25, 2023

florida sunshine

a robin’s vacation

from frozen dinners

~Linda L Ludwig

first pitch . . .

I catch the snowball

right in my face

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

Disillusioned Bourbon Street Blues Bar Haiku

Gin Blossom covers?!?

If Bo Diddley wasn’t dead,

we’d want him to be.

~Chad Parenteau

truth results may vary

~Roberta Beach Jacobson


my lap dancer completely nude

except for bunny ears

~John J. Dunphy

Partial List

Dis pair of pants

Dis pair of shoes

Dis pair of gloves

Dis pair of eyes

Dis pair of hands

Dis pair of breasts

Dis pair of futile endeavors

Dis pair of pointless conversations

Dis pair of superficial relationships

Dis pair of long-dead gods

~Kelly Moyer

Day before spring break

Trying to teach anything


~Jennifer Gurney

Gone Not F’gotten

Most nights, the moonshine

clouds my constitution.

Still, I say a tender prayer

for the toenail I lost 

up in them hills, where

the thicket bled the boulders.

Bless its heart, 

the thing shimmered to the last.

~Kelly Moyer

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