Five Fleas Merch

Morning of April 3, 2023

Century 31  vacant dead-eyed clockworks  

~Richard Magahiz

monochrome sky —

she skips

my question

~Daipayan Nair

birds nesting in palms

while below we’re without wings

wrapped like babes in arms

~James Penha

the table

the night i died

i fell


with my glasses on

~Kelly Moyer

She hoped a long hot shower

could wash away anxiety

of simply living

~Steve Van Allen

triangles for lunch

spheres for dinner

mmm, breakfast

~Richard Magahiz

Chewing on the sweet

Ends of field grass as the

Tassels tickle

~Jennifer Gurney

the old music box

plays Haunted Slumber

as the tiny dancer spins

ship manifest

my grandmother a toddler

~Linda L. Ludwig / Kathleen Trocmet


~Mariel Herbert

curtsies to Dalmatia,  Queen of Spots

~Richard Magahiz


You tell me you’re ahead,

but I believe you to be

more of a foot. Perhaps

it has something to do

with the way you knot

your tie at the ankle

or the bulge of buttons

at the knobs of your knees.

~Kelly Moyer

childless but the cat

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

sending five to ten at once bumblebees

~Mariel Herbert

Killer Sheep

I am not in the yakuza,” I explain

to the owner of the ramen shop.

But, you are wearing sunglasses,”

the man replies with a tremble

to his voice. I remove my shades

and order a bowl of soup,

which I slurp while crocheting

a few simple granny squares

for the body bag we’re crafting

at the neighborhood Baptist church.

~Kelly Moyer

egoless at last the moon's face dims

~Richard Magahiz

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