Afternoon of April 19, 2023

it was the nitrate of mercury that made the hatters mad

~Patrick Sweeney

a piece of meteoritic iron dug up from the turnip patch   Buddha and the stars

~Patrick Sweeney


now in prison

even in his dreams

~John J. Dunphy

beating heart of deep night

ticking lizard

~Bidyutprabha Gantayat

their smiles

posed and held

zoom call

~Linda L. Ludwig

sandstone resembling the Madonna and Child

~Patrick Sweeney

The Great Blafigria:

The end of the world lies inside You.

~Daniel de Culla

Holding up

On the wall

it sticks,

hold tiles:

each one

in its place.


Who thinks

it holds the house


~Duane L. Herrmann

Dining in

Sitting here

waiting for food

is what we do.

I’ve strung my lines,

food will come.

I’m energetic,

but now wait

for flyer

to be tangled.

~Duane L. Herrmann

constellations of bleach stains on my raggedy trousers   Paris Fashion Week

~Patrick Sweeney

   The sun rises

                    the ebb tide flows

~Sarah Das Gupta

Outside our apartment

gusts of spring wind

can't blow away my diagnosis

~Steve Van Allen

With Irvng Stettner:

Why I Write

Poetry Etcetera.


birds sing

Don't they?

~Daniel de Culla

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