Morning of April 21, 2023

All day I dream

of naps.

~Noah Berlatsky

On waking

A beautiful dream.

So short. So short.

And you wonder why

I sleep so much.

~Joseph Farley

A trendy young poet from Gotham

had verses tattooed on his scrotum

        but later was sued

        when seen in the nude

by a lady who claimed that she wrote ’em.

~Alex Barr

gothic behavior

in the distance

a millennium child floats

~CJ The Tall Poet

Helen (Mrs Menelaus)

never meant to cause chaos

and wished instead of launching a thousand ships

she’d stayed home to write 'Helen’s Handy Household Tips'.

~Alex Barr

The algorithm

has chosen me for greatness.


for how long?

~Noah Berlatsky

Don’t Hide

Dance you crazy fool

to the beat of your desire

Don’t hide yourself from anyone

don’t let the intimidators tell you otherwise

~L. Sydney Abel

I exist.

Ain't it a shame.

At least now you now

Have someone to blame.

~Joseph Farley


a book shop customer pays me

with three joints

~John J. Dunphy

Dress pants, bald heads in

office building parking lots.

A song of key fobs.

~Terry Trowbridge

scrabble —

ma fails to

arrange peace

~Debarati Sen

Of course

There is no such thing as love, but she still gives you the best piece of stale bread.

Of course, you had a cyst for you never emptied the bottle. Of course, you are scared that time

will be over - one minute. Of course, the sky will turn white and fall like the petals of cherry

blossoms. Of course, the child won't see any birds for night has come early.

~Sunayna Pal

Breath Has Spirit


The wind blew

I breathed

Breath has spirit

Not all kindly

~L. Sydney Abel

My poems have been

Swimming in the shallow end,

Afraid of the depths,

Floating on facile rhymes, as

They slowly dog paddle home.

~Janet Stotts

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