Morning of September 23, 2022

full disclosure

what resides beneath

the lampshade

~Kelly Moyer

person, ghost, light

who is the common ancestor

~Kyle Hemmings

cancun honeymoon

they become savants

of selfies

~Kyle Hemmings

demolishing sand castles, day's order

~Mircea Moldovan

a hole in the prairie dog moon

~Robert Witmer

sawdust protected our torsos

from the treacherous sun with its tusks

remember, dearest,


you eyes were actual aquamarines;

poetry knows the secrets bumblebees conceal

~Richard Magahiz

alcohol swab

I narrate

my hobbies

~Daipayan Nair


not long before

the ship sinks

~Daya Bhat

fast rap

grandma’s lullaby

gets a makeover

~Daya Bhat


I clap

to kill

~Daipayan Nair


fly’s short lifespan

even shorter

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

my blood the horsefly laps it up

~Mark Gilbert

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