Five Fleas Merch

Morning of September 10, 2022

red radio hat

picking up lo-fi music

from mars

~Kimberly Kuchar

status quo(te)

what's on

my mind

your own business


~Lorelyn De la Cruz Arevalo

long drive

she replays the song

I press to skip

~Daipayan Nair


a crap plaque

with my name wrong

~Ruth Holzer

children duck their heads

an occasional spurt 

of godhead

makes the governors 


~Richard Magahiz

oops my




                     o  o      

                    o o  o     oo     

              o  o  o         o          o  o

                  o  o           o  o            o

              o oo      o    o   o         o

       o o     o o   o        o              oo    o's

~petro c.k.

transcendent skies the

hue of Dawn dish detergent

buy one, get none

~Richard Magahiz

new skin cream—

her wrinkles are gone

along with her face

~Kimberly Kuchar

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