Five Fleas Merch

Afternoon of September 21, 2022

you were meant

to sing and dance and love 

you fools

~Herb Tate

Paul Newman Looks for a Job

Behind the eight ball,

queuing for a job,

hairdresser for the bald,

the cranially compromised,

gleaming in the fluorescent light,

a hustler with blue eyes

whistles Dixie to a waitress

with purple peepers,

while George C. Scott

sends goslings to the front.

~Robert Witmer

long story short

those guys did have

a vengeful god

~Richard Magahiz

      fibbing ‘bout clean sheets

haven’t washed ‘em never will

      line of succession

~Jerome Berglund

mountain cairn

the quest for validation

of a name

~Keith Evetts

existential crisis

you have

one new notification

~Kelly Moyer

the new fascism of the brain

taking control of my voice 

until I am only an echo

~Kyle Hemmings

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