Afternoon of September 25, 2022

Basho's frog cut apart in English class

~petro c.k.

ink-splattered roughnecks

one-legged poets

at crane school

~Richard Magahiz

two sand fleas

hop onto my beach towel . .

itchy and scratchy

~Karen Harvey

in ancient Egypt

fleas were worshiped

(not really)

~Roberta Beach Jacobson


I booped

a Boops boops

(B. boops)

Boop boop!


Boops boops



~petro c.k.

the monkey climbs

the mulberry tree

pop goes the purple

~Robert Witmer

Nitty Nora

the scalp explorer ...

our school nurse

~Karen Harvey

dental chair

all the answers

I want to give

~Daipayan Nair

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