Evening of May 20, 2023

Through the window

the brick wall.

I’ll look again tomorrow.

~Noah Berlatsky

spring darkness

surrounds us

far from civilization

the heavens give way

to a pinwheel galaxy

~Christina Chin / M. R. Defibaugh


It’s spotified beneath the dirt,

the face, book laid out, skin-spread wheals,

so small, but instant gram of pain,

beneath the grime now deep ingrained,

patina, antique furniture -

poor profile, social media.

I’m now unliked, though fleas do well.

~Stephen Kingsnorth

in every mirror

a ghost

in time.

~Noah Berlatsky

morning coffee -

pressing issues

drip away

plunging us

into a new day

~Bonnie Scherer

rewriting an earlier annotation in the book I'm rereading

~Patrick Sweeney


the luminous face of the man who plays the kazoo

~Patrick Sweeney


I'm at my own atomic impasse when it comes to Feynman's bongos

~Patrick Sweeney


remembering the deep summer ice cream headaches of our love

~Patrick Sweeney


a sudden change of mind about spontaneous combustion

~Patrick Sweeney

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