Afternoon of May 20, 2023

An ocean of stars

sing to the skeletons

of sunken boats

~Carol Carpenter

A Church

Until we get dryer fixed we are going to laundromat. I often go early, soon after they open at six on a Sunday Morning.

Take Uber by myself, enjoy fellowship with the one or two friendly souls also there. Gospel music on the sound

system. My hour and a half or so is peaceful. No official dress code. I wear lounge pants and T Shirt. Today I feel

overdressed, I'm wearing underwear.

~Keith Snow

I’m so grateful

I woke up with a

headache this morning.

I could have woken up


~Nolcha Fox

A Bell

A bell excavates 

a sanctuary inside

my skull.

There I capture strains that belong to a realm without resonance

a desert where silence performs

for silence.

When I no longer thirst

I will be able to stay there,

eavesdropping on the absence of myself.

~Nicholas Klacsanzky

the new beau

her imaginary friend

sees right through him

~David Kopaska-Merkel

Little children carry guns to schools

courts carry parents to prison

society carries a heavy heart

~Peter A. Witt

jasmine evening—

the only thing

that can console me

is the loneliness

I’ve hidden away

~Nicholas Klacsanzky


You found yourself

with nowhere to go

up against the wall

picking off moss

and flakes of scale

floating around you.

~Dennis Herrell


Blue, green, black

trash cans… out of line

by snow heap

~Biswajit Mishra

Watering the plants

A job I love to do

When I remember

~Jennifer Gurney

monsoon sky —

I wipe my glasses

to dream

~Debarati Sen


When fingers have nothing to do

They do something anyway

Idleness not part of their DNA

Drumming on table top begins

In telegraph mode.

~Dennis Herrell

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