Afternoon of May 25, 2023

early to bed

early to rise

I can’t keep up

with her


~Randy Brooks

tropical jungle

whiffs of life from its debris—


~James Penha

Our jagged-edged

world protrudes into

neighbouring galaxies,

stirs up storm clouds,

disturbs prophesy

~Pam Makin

but it has always been this way

that the bones of the dead

nourish the land

~Tiffany Shaw-Diaz

dearest maple

i am tired

of being the wind

~Tiffany Shaw-Diaz

night train —

throwing another day

into the lake

~Debarati Sen

she has

no reflection


~Sharon Ferrante

New Year's Day

on our snowman's head

an ice bag

~John J. Dunphy

lilac bush

i no longer have

illusions about my goodness

~Tiffany Shaw-Diaz


No, I do not want to read

the Jewish heritage display books.

I will celebrate my Jewish heritage

by being cranky.

Thank you.

~Noah Berlatsky

Choose your own adventure

but keep your seatbelt fastened

and familiarise yourself with

the brace position

~Pam Makin

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