Five Fleas Merch

Evening of May 15, 2023

when you left

I was outside


shards of glass

from my feet

~Sharon Ferrante


getting the feet right

my hands go wrong

~Rupa Anand

Looking up I see

Brilliant full moon shining bright

That explains a lot

~Jennifer Gurney

summer heat

granny’s rocking chair

still creaks

~Sharon Ferrante

Brushing my teeth I

Wonder what the tooth fairy

Is doing right now

~Jennifer Gurney

late night

a drainpipe bent

from shimmying

~John Pappas


water croutons

stirred not shaken

~Linda L Ludwig

declassified as a planet the maple seed takes root

~John Pappas



null hypothesis H0 model train

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

not prepared to give up buffet guests

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

feeling leafless the anxiety of alphabets

~John Pappas

patchy fog

the gaps

in her alibi

~Andrew Markowski

Welled Eyes

As if in consolation the sun cautiously appears over the hill and shines on the twisted beds,

abandoned trees, and old appliances the floods scatter in the muck which was once the yard.

The water in a hush slowly trickles under the twisted remnants of the dwelling house.

~Dennis Williams

another school shooting a movie in his mind

~John Pappas

I drown

become a barnacle

stuck now

~Sharon Ferrante

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