Afternoon on May 15, 2023


space opera

the rise and fall

of our diaphragms

~Jenn Ryan-Jauregui

fear of falling - once more

i cross that wooden bridge

of my childhood

~Wanda Amos

I won't



in my present


back then…

~Richard Magahiz

Gen X Birthday Haiku

Let this feeble poem

mark the day I should have died

thirty years ago.

~Chad Parenteau

hospice bed —

I check to see

if ma is still breathing

~Debarati Sen

full moon

mixing more white

into the indigo

~Wai Mei Wong

progress bar — the stormfront must rebuild

~Richard Magahiz

sleeping pills —

for her dreams were

a safer place

~Debarati Sen

slicing through

glass-slick dark

schools of bananafish

~Richard Magahiz


on my kindle

a grasshopper

~Daipayan Nair

Death Dressed up in a Mardi Gras Mask


Death seems to lurk around every dark hidden corner this week,

like a thief in black wearing a creepy mardi gras mask,

waiting for his chance to steal the last breath of my stepfather,

and wave his trophy of Oscar gold,

having already proved his swiping prowess,

by taking the last breath of Philip Hoffman,

with his poison needle.

~Deby Cedars

scratching his mosquito bites

my neighbor tells me about

last night's meteor shower

~John J. Dunphy

office party —

she identifies with the

corner plant

~Debarati Sen

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