Five Fleas Merch

Afternoon of May 6, 2023


passive aggressive

I shove a bunch of neutrons

out of my way

~Mark Meyer

unusual depth


the added weight

of detail


i wish to report

i skipped stones


and, unable to find Suzie,

i did it alone


was that shallow?

~Geoffrey Aitken

picked up coins

in my dream last night

woke without pockets

~David C. Kopaska-Merkel

glamorous visions

high pitched voices

the result of gifts

~CJ The Tall Poet

100% implausible



the inefficiency


of the machine


with its inability


to feel for itself.

~Geoffrey Aitken

sensor faucet

I pretend

I already know

~Daipayan Nair


draws you in

no empty promises

just steel orifice

and ever-turning blades

you go anyway

~Robert Beveridge

a lifetime

of deposits and withdrawals —

memory bank

~Mark Meyer

here there everywhere

I'm just playing around

in a quantum field

~Mark Meyer

FB friends

life diminished

to social distance

~Christa Pandey

autonomic transmission my body stuck in neutral

~Mark Meyer

paranoia out there somewhere an asteroid with my name on it

~Mark Meyer

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