Afternoon of May 2, 2023


my sister locks me

in the basement

~Daipayan Nair


the sunset begins

to pixelate

~Joshua St. Claire

Whenever trees freeze

I find words on their leaves.

~Bob Nimmo


to see his wife

man pounds and kicks

on the locked door at

the battered women's shelter

~John J. Dunphy

inner space

the place where

ideas are born

~Jennifer Gurney


~Joshua St. Claire

cold yesterday yet the stepping stones

~Minal Sarosh

postage stamp sky


to forever

~Edward Cody Huddleston

Fleeing clouds

They did not come to war

They are the messengers

~Chineloromiheom Calista

after the battle

finding his friend

in pieces

~Stephanie Zepherelli

Juneteenth celebration

keynote speaker

concludes his address

by holding up

a broken chain

~John J. Dunphy


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