Afternoon of April 10, 2024


beginning to learn my bit part in the cosmic peekaboo

~Patrick Sweeney

unless I am corrupt never it could not

~J. D. Nelson

the mystical ardor in which she picks up a stone

~Patrick Sweeney

in the tree canopy nesting warheads

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

scraping the full-belly comments in the garbage can

~Patrick Sweeney

black mail blots in my lover’s copybook

~Patricia Hawkhead

fly is lectured idea rays

~J. D. Nelson

spider sense

at the base of my skull

the cup of his hand

~Patricia Hawkhead

A weather forecast

It will not rain in some days.

Suddenly it began to storm and rain.

I bow down to nature

The unpredictable met office.

~Partha Sarkar

highways closed yet

wind speeds at 100

miles per hour

~Jennifer Gurney

street art

canvases abandoned

at the curb

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

listen bub, unloading their carts

nobody wants a lecture

on the history of cinnamon

~Patrick Sweeney


are not



~Noah Berlatsky

all these years, the number of leaves on a shamrock

~Patrick Sweeney

spoon fed thin soup indeed

~dan smith

in eschatological terror of long-range planning

~Patrick Sweeney

sliced green apple praying hands

~J. D. Nelson

the Uber driver has a solution to the smash and grab

~Patrick Sweeney

Afternoon of April 9, 2024


Social Anxiety

Approach social structures:

Fall apart immediately.

~Thomas Skahill

People travel hundreds of miles

for 4 minute eclipse

crosstown visit to see grandma too far

~Peter A. Witt

5 fleas

on the cold moon

dancing to spring

~Elliot Diamond

total eclipse

animals and endtimers

run for cover

~David Josephsohn

MTG says eclipse is warning from god

god says MTG needs a fact check

~Peter A. Witt

And how did it happen

that the sun and moon are in the same sky?

~Fhen M.

Duck, duck, duck

goose, goose, goose

splatter, spatter, splatter

doesn't matter, matter, matter

~Peter A. Witt

old frog

the sound of water

or ChatGPT

~Noah Berlatsky

Razor blades work better

than rollerblades when shaving

~Peter A. Witt

Almost every Easter, even though no spring chicken, I have a challenge with Easter eggs.

sugar moon

needing some sort of self control

chocolate Easter eggs

~Madeleine Kavanagh

palm reading the future I never wanted to know

~Mona Bedi

spoon fed thin soup indeed

~dan smith

what katydid beneath the moon

~Tracy Davidson

dragons in the phoenix nest

your tax dollars

at work

~Mike Fainzilber

from irresistible

to invisible

middle age

~Mike Fainzilber


Oh and no,

as yet I mold

an old

ugly soul

born for need

of control.

~Thomas Skahill


when fairy tales

were a reality

~Mona Bedi

Morning of April 6, 2024

shadow on the wall flower

~Jennifer Gurney

waiting for the other shoe bam

~Jennifer Gurney




Touch me with your silent hand

You'll never touch me with your hand

Don't kiss me

My cheeks are too cold for my lips

I won't kiss you

Your cheeks are too cold for tears

Love flutters in the air like a butterfly

Love is still in the air just like it was in the beginning

Everything goes back to its place

You are without me and I am alone

~Mykyta Ryzhykh

(Originally published in Corporeal Lit Mag)



first date already finishing each other’s sentences soulmates

~Jennifer Gurney

pluck out my eyes at night

draw my pupils during the day

take the trash out of my head

I love you to the point of madness

my head is full of garbage from the past

~Mykyta Ryzhykh

(Originally published in Corporeal Lit Mag)

The remittent fever and the broken second empire

The drooping North Star. (The night never gets black)

The intensive arrets in the monastery.

Flies like a machine, the cream of anatomy of the soul.

Has been seeing the oddities of the wisdom the flight of the birds.

But surprisingly, there is egoism in death.

That means, will the monk leave the monastery?

No hole knows where the plain is.

Someone pinions the fire at the decayed knee.

Comes the letter from floodstriken waters.

~Partha Sarkar

on the wall of the Jerusalem café

no smoking

peace pipes allowed

~Daniel Birnbaum


I listen to the satnav

to drive home

~Daniel Birnbaum

sea wind

going to die in a plastic bag

the seabream

~Daniel Birnbaum

if not for totality God

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

who planned the eclipse during the standardized testing window

~Jennifer Gurney

Afternoon of April 4, 2024

mental gymnastics

a new event

uneven parallel universes

~Robert Witmer

what are we?

i ask myself

who we are,


what we are?

but no one can

ever answer,


sometimes we only

have questions instead of answers.

~linda m. crate

There is no provision for mornings

The active shrewdness. A merchant with a pshycotic net.

By the roadside, a dead puppy

And by the side of it, another puppy—hungry, weak

And under the grey sky and dry eyes a helpless mother...

Rush the casual labourers ignoring them

Yet pain has no colour in the inhabitant.

A system authoritative.

Come like clouds the despair and a replica of happiness in the glass.

Breaks its one of the hands the round triangle.

~Partha Sarkar

St. Patrick's Day

the street mission's bread green

with mold

~John J. Dunphy

even moldy cheese

was the beginning

of something good

~Jennifer Gurney

the glacier's lament

a sour lemon's

lost meringue

~Robert Witmer

the chalkboard list

of today’s pies

coconut cream

~Randy Brooks

coroner’s report

the body took no vow

of silence

~Randy Brooks

the beginning

or the end

of a rope

depends on which

way you’re headed

~Randy Brooks

Interplanetary Pen Pals

a wayward comet

I don’t feel threatened by it

it’s headed your way

~John H. Dromey

Truthful Consequence


says I cannot tell A-Fib

doesn’t get the job

~John H. Dromey

haiku contest

the em dashes

stand in a queue

~Debarati Sen

icarus reborn

we could never

have flying cars,

you'd leave them

on e and then fall out of

the sky, leaving behind

only metal and shattered


~linda m. crate

dancing to an old 45


on my blue suede shoes

~Robert Witmer

at the wall of a fast food outlet fruit seller

~Gillena Cox

VR tour meets self-driving truck

~David C. Kopaska-Merkel

a zebra's zither in the lion's jaws

~Robert Witmer

morning rhythms sync weight of a falling blossom

~Gillena Cox

Grandma did nothing for her last seventeen years

~David C. Kopaska-Merkel

a wild one stormy wind trying to steal my

~Gillena Cox

You cannot open a door

without a cat getting through.

The solution is to never open a door

and just sit there with the cats.

~Noah Berlatsky

the dreaming

i still remember

the dreaming,

but sometimes i

don't remember

how to get there.

~linda m. crate

last squab

on a makeshift spit

I'll miss birds

~David C. Kopaska-Merkel

Afternoon of April 2, 2024

 late capitalism

the books i don’t like

for décor

~Aline da Silveira


is when he loses his butt

and I gain it.

~Nolcha Fox

casting ripples

upon god's reflection

the cat's tongue

~Kelly Moyer

  true believers—







~David Josephsohn

witchgrass breaking off all contact

~John Hawkhead

left-spiraled snail swaged with tree rings

~Elliot Diamond

dark forest letting alexa in

~John Hawkhead

confessional the cold comfort of penance

~David Josephsohn

wringing in my ears the chicken’s neck

~John Hawkhead

Hope is a hamster wheel

without a hamster

or a wheel.

There is some hamster poop though.

~Noah Berlatsky

why do I always

underestimate the boxes

needed to move

~Jennifer Gurney



4 door

~dan smith

felt like years

the time it took to separate

our record albums

~Jennifer Gurney


4th cousin

5 times removed

Emily Dickinson

good to know

but no good

at Costco

~dan smith

spring journey

the petals on the ground say

that we must return

~Marie Derley

easter morning

an oh so fine

crack in her shell

~Kelly Moyer


Easter sunrise service

minus sun

~John J. Dunphy

a whiff of cold air

someone’s late

for the eucharist

~Maya Daneva

herxheimer reaction

the spirochetes’

new cosmic address

~Kelly Moyer

you haven't seen the chase,

the tearing of feathers,

the breaking of the bones,

you're busy cleaning the backyard.

~Fhen M.

For Sale:  Derby Skates

You would have thought

they’d be satisfied.

But, no.

Tonight, I saw the listing.

The spirochetes

have put my derby skates

up for auction on eBay

for thrice what I paid.

As if . . .

they haven’t taken enough.

~Kelly Moyer


Morning of March 31, 2024

I am in the sink how is it a pelican

~J. D. Nelson

near-earth insurance giant wonderfully

~J. D. Nelson

window pizza purple instinct

~J. D. Nelson

toad that saturn neighbor to the north

~J. D. Nelson

invisible room grapes free of change

~J. D. Nelson

inflatable swan song

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

anonymous tax on sin he pays heavily

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

unsubstantiated seasonal sorbet

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

inverted pyramid aimed tо the heart

~Mykyta Ryzhykh

microwave burrito showing me its good side

~petro c. k.

deep field the sweater that would be forthcoming

~petro c. k.

greeter my name barely hanging around

~petro c. k.

turning into a pumpkin an RV on fire

~petro c. k.