Morning of April 28, 2023

lost in thought

the fish

named after you

~Kelly Moyer

Cool spring breeze

clears the illusion

of this ephemeral world

~Steve Van Allen

giant panda divide

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

The tree shadow

Is scattered

I think

In spots.

~Noah Berlatsky


you read the label

you know

the can of soup

contains 45%

of your daily sodium

Go ahead

buy two

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

Ratty looking bird, rough break

out of an egg?

some mornings, I know how she feels

~Steve Van Allen

short straws appointing my successor

~Kelly Moyer

loading zone dandelions for the afterlife

~Kelly Moyer

Afternoon of April 27, 2023


she never sung to console

but took us to hilltops

to scream

~Lisa C Reynolds

the striking complexity in the syntax of the pathological liar

~Patrick Sweeney

bee stings and asteroids in the vocabulary of boys

~Patrick Sweeney

he had the look of a man who was sent out to play in thunderstorms

~Patrick Sweeney

she twirls

her fork spaghetti

for the win

~Naomi G. Tangonan

she whispered: samsara is the most beautiful word

~Patrick Sweeney

only say Tochigi and my soul will be healed

~Patrick Sweeney

just remembering

from the stone age

spin tirelessly

greedy cutting down recklessly

and the flood hit

~Nani Mariani

white trash

on the ground

the morning after

a cross-burning

singed KKK robes

~John J. Dunphy

communal riots —

the same sun

shines on us

~Debarati Sen

Deep in unnamed forests, deadly new

plagues mutate from beast to man, a rear

guard action to revenge their lost habitats

as we throw pennies at dying species or

jail them in our zoos.

~Janet Stotts

stale breakfast —

mom’s eye bags

wait for a rainbow

~Debarati Sen

water hazard

its ice cracked

by a golf ball

~John J. Dunphy


boardwalk park

taking pictures

a squirrel stops

to stare at the nut

~Christina Chin / M. R. Defibaugh

Past midnight

too late to write

a good poem.

~Noah Berlatsky

Morning of April 25, 2023

all the mistakes

I’ve almost made

empty shoebox

~B. L. Bruce

cut-off shorts

letting my frayed edges


~Kelly Moyer

woke to acceptance

a smattering of

distant applause

~Wayne F. Burke

waiting at the gate

arriving, departing


~B. L. Bruce

a breakfast sandwich

warm from

the microwave,

a portal

to this dimension.


home improvement


the chicken legs

~Kelly Moyer

Red crayons are good for

roses, smiles, fire engines

and lonely balloons

~Jennifer Gurney

grasshopper —

    jumping on

memory's habitat

~Debarati Sen

clear sky

selfies with a trailer

hanging over the edge

~Rupa Anand

an owl calls

in the middle of the night …

lingering doubt

~Daniela Misso


what is love

after war eats out his heart

and he turns away

after 14 months

of letters describing

things that can never last

until that day his ashes

are carried by ravens

into my back yard.

~Pris Campbell

spring again

spooning violets

into the grave

~Kelly Moyer

a parade of people moving

past my bed, the living and

the dead

5 a.m.

~Wayne F. Burke

journey cakes

i save my best stories

for the squirrels

~Kelly Moyer