Afternoon of April 30, 2024

when you say “I don't know” you're not lying

~Keith Snow

the bird breathes with wings of hope

~Mykyta Ryzhykh

daddy longlegs steady as he goes

~David C. Kopaska-Merkel

be ready your driver is three strawberries away

~Keith Snow

heaven is born for its own crucifixion

~Mykyta Ryzhykh

another day

adding to the list

why, why and why

~Biswajit Mishra

Nasal Passage

follows her nose

her deviated septum

leads her astray

~John H. Dromey


Hear, see, write

Hear, see, change

See, think, change

Think, change

Hear, change


~Biswajit Mishra

crystal-clear dreams

I fall asleep wearing

my glasses

~John J. Dunphy

Bargaining with a hawker

And underlying him

I get repentant and

Search for the hawker

To overvalue my cognition.

~Partha Sarkar

the seagull doesn't know that it can't fly, so in the end it flies

the feathers were left lying on the windowsill

feathers can no longer be considered feathers due to the absence of a bird

feathers can turn into a souvenir

feathers can turn into an ornament of an ancient person

feathers can turn into an anthropologist's find

feathers can turn into anything

but where has the bird gone now?

~Mykyta Ryzhykh

Sweeping away the innocent dead birds,

The bastard wisdom:

Not my stupidity, El Nino causes

The birds' death

From / in heatwave.

~Partha Sarkar

birds die like dots

on the horizon of a sky

pierced by military missiles

~Mykyta Ryzhykh

dusty webs

and the husks of flies

cedar chest

~David C. Kopaska-Merkel

Chore Embellishment

Light bulb is replaced.

Dawn returns to universe.

Christ has returned.

~Chad Parenteau

writing a haiku

in the snow

the dog pees

~Noah Berlatsky


large-mouthed bass as his wife gives birth


~Roberta Beach Jacobson

Cold skin learns to warm bones

Another star falls from the sky to the ground

Another bone falls into the autumn coffin

~Mykyta Ryzhykh



"you call that a eulogy?!"

minister interrupted by

the deceased

~John J. Dunphy

tired photons fly

into the forever dark

end times

~David C. Kopaska-Merkel

Morning of April 29, 2024




An old skald leaves his mortal coil

aurora borealis over the fjords

~Oliver Kleyer






fog-breath dawn

following the downhill tracks

of liver scars

~John Hawkhead

Hamburg Main Station

a lonely locomotive

in search of a train

~Oliver Kleyer

carnival freakshow

performers gape at

their audience

~John J. Dunphy


Night after night

they place their drink orders

with me

Some ask for a special beer

others opt for martinis

I nod my understanding

but I serve everybody’s

evening meds with tap water

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

full moon

my horoscope suggests

emotional awareness

~Debarati Sen

landing gear deploys—

homing pigeon


~James Penha

coordinated apples raining old triads

~J. D. Nelson

first fish friend hardness of quartz

~J. D. Nelson

hard part a cave inside of a cave

~J. D. Nelson

Spring noon

the koel and I wait

for the biopsy report

~Debarati Sen

'Keep your chloroplast,

Otherwise...' nosology to

Jaundiced blood.

~Partha Sarkar

pablum, pablum!




~dan smith

the trouble is soup scarf

~J. D. Nelson

time in the time of time

~J. D. Nelson

Morning of April 28, 2024


  ~Jerome Berglund


I can't remember if

~Noah Berlatsky

wipe my brow

and I'm leaking insects

into the air

~Jerome Berglund




the many-



~Jerome Berglund

new management

pandas on the mural

wearing sombreros

~Tuyet Van Do


quantity limits

when legal things

are immoral

and moral things illegal

~Jerome Berglund


into the night

my sister’s secrets

~C. Jean Downer, Ph.D.

taking it

all too far…

the Mekong

~David Cox

family vault

there will be no other name

on the tombstone

~Marie Derley

standing silent

in an empty house

grand piano

~C. Jean Downer, Ph.D.


Many people

who are more important than me


that I am important.

Buy my book.

~Noah Berlatsky

Morning of April 22, 2024


on the other side

of an open door

~Jennifer Gurney

no doctors lurking in the apple orchard

~petro c. k.

apparently money doesn’t grow on trees

                                                                         cherry blossoms

~Joshua St. Claire

pause in the relationship girlfriend in a comma

~petro c. k.

crisis of absolutely everything bagel

~petro c. k.

Ghost Walk

A beam, opens up the shadowy

misty, nighttime sadness beyond

the casket of the temporary.

Filled with hidden, earthly treasures.

Then, you appear, pale, opaque,

playing in my mind, on repeat.

~Keith Snow

he stumbles on the line

circus tightrope walker fails

the police sobriety test

~John J. Dunphy


to keep noise out

I let silence in

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

spiral staircase

the vertigo of

twisted truths

~Leon Tefft

people are complicated

people are dead

people keep being

like a hammer to the head

~Noah Berlatsky

frosted windows

clearly visible

memory loss

~Leon Tefft


just a few more

cherry blossoms

~Joshua St. Claire

No line that I have written

will ever be remembered.

No, not this one.

No, not this one either.

~Noah Berlatsky

Afternoon of April 19, 2024





change of clothes —

every year it's a month earlier

~Maurizio Brancaleoni


The power’s out again.”

Who cares?

I’ve got a candle

and a job lot

of black paint.”

~Tony Dawson


those Facebook friends

long dead

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

a slave desires freedom

a caged bird dreams of a heaven

~Fhen M.

to exercise free press

is never a given

~Fhen M.

one weaves a silken flag

to freely wave it is another thing

~Fhen M.

Stormy nights

At mid-morgue and

My shaky legs outside

crawling to closet.

But where is the threshold?

~Partha Sarkar

With acute poverty the poor —

The priceless commodities

In an election-

The democratic business

Without knowing why.

~Partha Sarkar

sailing into port wine

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

Nuggets in ketchup blood

Burger from a killed pig

The grill is working at full capacity

Scorching the planet

~Mykyta Ryzhykh

The ultimate loneliness of death

A cat runs across the road at a red traffic light

~Mykyta Ryzhykh

the mouse ate the sun instead of cheese

glass grew instead of grass

rusty skeletons of snowflakes warm the remains of a nuclear power plant

~Mykyta Ryzhykh

shopping centre

a customer queueing

behind the mannequins

~Tuyet Van Do

fashion show

the model wears

an upside-down dress

~Tuyet Van Do

each morning

a 30% chance

of something

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

the sack  brown bag days

~Adrian Bouter

you flee

or you stay


~Adrian Bouter

Morning of April 19, 2024

western medicine


my ankle to the grave

~Kelly Moyer

rain-drenched milkweed

the prayer

that plummets into the ether

~Kelly Moyer

slow love


the worm dirt

~Kelly Moyer

diagnoses:  everything but the kitchen sink of her bones

~Kelly Moyer

country road

a swallowtail lights

on the edge of oblivion

~Kelly Moyer


the dead poet's

fresh set of eyes

~Kelly Moyer

fasting casting

aside the black cloak

of worldly wants

~James Penha

garbed in ego’s shroud

its tombstone on his head—

spinning with atoms

~James Penha

dance love music


circle perfection

~James Penha

with your head

on my chest

I can hear

through your skull

the sound

of you chewing

the chips

I bought you

~Noah Berlatsky

quality self-help

exploring your nether spork

authentic upgrade

~Noah Berlatsky

the light

in the school chapel:


~Stephen Toft

a lawn sprinkler


this sultry night

~Stephen Toft

snow bones

the old sheepdog

rounding up ghosts

~Stephen Toft

one day i hope

to see again the blue

i once saw on

the Hawaiian shirt

of a man drowned at sea

~Stephen Toft

cloudless sky

the acrobat

looks through me

~Stephen Toft

Afternoon of April 16, 2024

Earth on a

stack of turtles

then more turtles

~David C. Kopaska-Merkel





indoor recess

~Jennifer Gurney

for you darling

would I divide

by zero forever

~Richard Magahiz

visitation over

he removes his wife's wedding ring

before closing the coffin

~John J. Dunphy


out of synch with mine

we both start to run

~David C. Kopaska-Merkel

Fearsome predators

A shark subsisting on abandoned dreams

The orange mold that grows on the face you no longer wear

A hookworm that sucks the joys of forgotten days

Pale mysterious bears craving unrecognized sacrifice

Scorpions drawn to any unmet potential

~Richard Magahiz

my hands

how many nanometers

to your moon?

~David C. Kopaska-Merkel

jewelled knees elbows that beat kicks in

~Richard Magahiz

such a relief

when the key

fits the lock

~Jennifer Gurney

312th floor:

window walls squeegee


~Richard Magahiz

9 lives, 20 naps a day

sounds like a good plan

~Jay Passer


act just like some mail

return to sender

~Chris Collins

low to high

inch marks on the wall

empty nest

~Kavita Ratna

bird shadow flew

   through me and a lizard

she dove under a log

   I was only mildly disturbed

~Steve Van Allen

the bodies hang out tin signs     quetzal birds swoop past

~Richard Magahiz


returns to lime and sand

wordlessly birds call

~David C. Kopaska-Merkel