Evening of January 30, 2024

that good stretch

outside your comfort zone

but not too far

~Jennifer Gurney

sifting through cast offs

I find treasures

from your discards

~Jennifer Gurney

Sardonic quips;

Laughter is Sirius

At the full eclipse.

~David Mitchell


when commanded to stop the tirade

told he is a monster

he lies down to nap

curled up like a small child



Non-viable. She bled out in the parking lot.

Women always get the short end of the stick.”



Poseur. He lectures.

Points to a painting.

The claustrophobia of life.”

He glances at me.

Knows I know.

Hates me more.


Nobody will come

Nobody's coming back

Nobody will rise again

There's not enough air for anyone

No one has enough love

~Mykyta Ryzhyk

(Originally published in Ice Floe Press)

this poem

will not be written

by anyone because the author

will go to the supermarket for vodka


and never come back

~Mykyta Ryzhykh

(Originally published in Tipton Poetry Journal)

mom sews a vagina for her daughter like a red rag for tears

mom wants soldiers to give flowers to her daughters

the cemetery is silent about flowers

daughter collects khaki and throws it into the toilet

daughter screams that she does not need such flowers

graves are silent about the dead

~Mykyta Ryzhykh

(Originally published in Rat's Ass Review)

An old woman views

a woodblock printing and sighs

to think of the past.

~Keech Ballard

childhood memory

filling in the blanks

left by snowflakes

~Ana Drobot

fingers in machine / lack of care will lead to bad / damaged rings

~Charles A. Perrone

Guard Dog with a Mind of Winter

The boy rolls snow

into the shape of the puppy

he lost.

~Cheryl Snell

Arty Party

The butler took our coats.

Then he took our clothes.

I kept my stilettos on.

~Cheryl Snell

You Asked for It

Elvis replicates himself

while performing Hound Dog,

outnumbering the audience

baying at the moon’s hologram.

~Cheryl Snell

Afternoon of January 30, 2024

pillow talk

smoothing the hem

of the truffle pig's nightie

~Kelly Moyer

box graters shredding my shot at motherhood

~Kelly Moyer

sleep deprivation

a game

of chicken and walrus

~Kelly Moyer

Deep Blue Now With AI Ponders




~dan smith

Groundhog Day

without a shadow

my sundial

~John J. Dunphy

plus an arrow to their zero

~John Hawkhead

shedding tears of salt on the ice road

~John Hawkhead

nursery ward baby's first barcode

~Keith Evetts

dog plays piano disjunctive haiku

~Keith Evetts



nightingale hole in the heart

~Keith Evetts

we enjoy

the best catastrophes

on the latest 4K screen

~Keith Evetts

Afternoon of January 29, 2024

finding the edge

of a flat earth

falling falling

~Kathy Watts

in his smile

the glint of a fang—

another wolf

~Kimberly Kucar

her red hood . . .

you can hardly see

the blood

~Kimberly Kucar

gene the green we’re swimming

~J. D. Nelson

ouchminster brady a pair of socks

~J. D. Nelson

the odor of dollar bills you were in my dream

~J. D. Nelson

I’m not in the dream the day I seem to be

~J. D. Nelson



I use parentheses

to prevent my words from spilling over

~Marie Derley

can't play it

can't sell it--

the old silver flute

~Ruth Holzer

carry on

with your temper tantrum

I'll lie here

in my room in the dark

and think of my dead lovers

~Ruth Holzer



The prophet went walking.

The walking broke in half.

The halves become a chrysalis.

The chrysalis eats the dead.

The dead run down like red clocks.

The red clocks open the rain.

Rain bleeds a prophet.

It is walking on meaning like sand.

~Noah Berlatsky

trimming trees

she lops off

his fingers

~Nancy Brady

graveyard extension —

now you can die as many

times as you like

~Maurizio Brancaleoni

Evening of January 24, 2024

collecting snowflakes

with almost no effort


~Roberta Beach Jacobson

bleak midwinter–

longest stretch outside


~Jennifer Gurney

watching my breath freeze

hanging in midair

I wait for the bus

~Jennifer Gurney

photo album

proof we were once

a family

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

Rapunzel’s faux pas

using harsh conditioners

she lets her hair down

~John H. Dromey

About Dinosaurs

What joy! What happiness!

While my grandchildren play

And dream about dinosaurs

I, at their innocent age

Played with El Jabato comics.

~Daniel de Culla

nowhere feels safe

if somebody can shoot

the president

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

Gödel, man, go

Tarski and such

play Peano

their set

merely theory.

The audience goes wild

judging it to be

sufficiently axiomatized

however incomplete.

~dan smith

a sad clerk making sense in the dollar store

~Robert Witmer

rubber soul

a long playing record

left to skip

~Robert Witmer

the conspiracist

goes fishing

a can of worms

~Robert Witmer

fortune teller

at the tiller

a small boat banking

on a wave


~Robert Witmer

Morning of January 23, 2024


a headless bird

takes flight

~Mike Fainzilber

painful sight

the politician


~Mike Fainzilber


you do not want to be me

too many pained lives

have passed through this body

on their journey home

~Ann Christine Tabaka

I emerge

from my prey

looking for love

~David C. Kopaska-Merkel

fairy's curse

she knew when guys

were lying

~David C. Kopaska-Merkel

frost fingers


of Faerie

~David C. Kopaska-Merkel

if they didn't

look so much like celery

interstellar war

~David C. Kopaska-Merkel

outer space sightseeing

tour guide points out

the remains of Major Tom

~John J. Dunphy

oil drops on a wet road

swirling galaxies

~Steve Van Allen

euphemisms pricking the oyster's ear

~Kelly Moyer


the blessings we count

while drinking sand

~Kelly Moyer

plot devices detonating at the edge of vermilion

~Kelly Moyer


Afternoon of January 22, 2024


introvert holding onto my exoskeleton

~Mona Bedi

Life is a spin in the dryer. I can be a dryer ball, banging my brain out in a heated drum. I

can be the lint that’s tossed in the trash. I can be my favorite sweater, ragged with

overuse, warm and ready for another day. It’s my choice.

~Nolcha Fox

the last time

I arrived early


~Roberta Beach Jacobson

shoulder to shoulder: air-dropping love notes

~Patrick Sweeney

house of cards queens at the window

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

I turn my head to see my shadow’s chin

~Glenn Ingersoll


a year apart


~Roberta Beach Jacobson

windows up, doors locked: passing through the bad neighborhood of my mind

~Patrick Sweeney

pole-vaulting polar extremes in my thrift-shop jacket

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

lapping waves

the conversations

we never have

~Mona Bedi

If I could only steal the moon

to stop the howling of the wolves.

~Fhen M.


as surprised as I am

a crow

~Françoise Maurice

he wanted the right of way in a random universe

~Patrick Sweeney