Afternoon of May 3, 2023

Labour Day

a blackbird rakes the leaves

under the hedge

~Fran├žoise Maurice

Labor Day

this year the moon is still not full

~Nani Mariani

Corona-cation Chronicles Day 49


IT will go away by itself.  

IT could maybe go away, hopefully at the end of the month.  

IT’ll be over by Easter, by the 4th of July, by summer’s end.  

IT’s going to be gone.  

CovIT is what IT was, is, and gonna be – never gone.

~Suzanne S. Austin-Hill

A spiderweb of

Interwoven thoughts lead me

Back to you

~Jennifer Gurney

lavender matcha

tastes like an indie bookstore

~JL Huffman

my book of shadows 

your dry rose petals 

on old parchment 

still you stay

nap on the daybed 

tiptoe at night 

~Sharon Ferrante

Seven properties of light: 

natural, artificial, painful, sneeze-ful, just right, obscured, and absent.

~Rebecca Dempsey

I hadn't considered

The ramifications of

Opening my heart

~Jennifer Gurney


tastes as good as your heart 


~Sharon Ferrante

Wind sings through

deserted bones on an abounded beach

drowned sailors sing back

               in harmonic moans

~Steve Van Allen

Every surrealist poem

includes blood and butterflies.


other poems include them as well.

~Noah Berlatsky

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