Afternoon of April 13, 2023

estate sale:

a poem

with every possum

~Kelly Moyer

signal drops

wolfman hits the keys


~David C. Kopaska-Merkel

8 Bayshore

There's a photo of us on somebody's phone

where we're standing together all on our own

and I absolutely love it because your eyes are closed

you’re not sleeping or blinking, you’re just eyes closed

don’t ask me why, I just adore it more

I never wonder what you’re looking at or what you’re thinking

I know you’re in there

and for today, that’s enough for me

~Christian Garduno

spring rain dancing across the pelvic floor

~John Hawkhead

gun shot down in one

~John Hawkhead

There was a time I would have said

That’s impossible!”

But now I know

it doesn’t matter that much.

~Noah Berlatsky

I've seen coral bleached

birds die in the air

trees burst into flames

fish float bloated -

I hope this is a dream

~Steve Van Allen

lost innocence

the shortcake

free of its scent

~Kelly Moyer

Things that make me smile:

Random acts of kindness

A baby’s wave

~Jennifer Gurney

jailbreak the sparrow in your rearview mirror

~Kelly Moyer

wishbones playing chicken til our luck runs out

~Kelly Moyer


three unkempt men take turns biting

a chocolate bunny

~John J. Dunphy



The movie ends

and we go back

to dark

without a plot.

~Noah Berlatsky

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