Morning of October 9, 2022

Rain on the walkway.

Dogs with no

wish for wet.

No sun.

No play.

Dogs on the couch

until dinner.

~Nolcha Fox

gangly spider

climbing the firewood

in for the winter

~Ron Scully

wolf spider

in the shower curtain

what does he eat?

~Tom Blessing

weather cock

the last sheep joins

the bandwagon

time to watch

the big leap

off the cliff

~Daya Bhat

gnawing teeth

inside the crawlspace


~Eavonka Ettinger


pretending to be rocks

on river rocks

~Rupa Anand

deer moon

all there ever is

is a lie and a line

~Daya Bhat

pair of pigeons

I point the cellphone

to shoot

~Daipayan Nair

clockwork bloodhound follows a simple syrup trail,

through a boy's ribs the November wind blowing

~Richard Magahiz

tiny dancer spins on a rhino's horn

~Eavonka Ettinger

flea + flea = two

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

sand fleas

between the pages

light's tide turns

~Ron Scully

this fleabag or that

~Roberta Beach Jacobson 

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