Evening of October 17, 2022

reclaiming control-alt-delete

~Kelly Moyer

the caterpillar i follow down leaf holes

~Anette Chaney

brontosauruses resurrect at night but humans can’t see them

~Robert Fleming

shark pie in the bayou

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

You scrape

your shadow off the wall

with a spatula,

toss it in the frying pan

with butter and bacon

to fatten it up.

You eat it.

You cast a bigger shadow now.

~Nolcha Fox

a deeper shade of pale moonlight postmortem

~Rich Schilling

creeping up the wall slime molds of my thoughts

~Mona Bedi

second mortgage on your home page

~petro c.k.

a dark and stormy web

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

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  1. Triantán swith-pinned
    suas a cheathrú ardán síos
    do gach cos istigh
    (Irish detected)

    swith-pinned triangle
    up its platform quarter downs
    for all insider