Evening of October 14, 2022


no matter how itchy

     still family

~Rupa Anand

The Milky Way

fell into an artisan fountain

under a bridge

homeless people

playing dice

with a strange patrol

dressed in green

a milkmaid brought

a few porcelain lambs

to send to Mars

~Mircea Moldovan



secret life


~Roberta Beach Jacobson

Shivering bracken skeletons

 march in grey discord

~Rebecca Dempsey



sex                                                               pot

      ladling soup from the bottom of the

~Kelly Moyer

puppet theatre

the snip

of her strings

~Kelly Moyer

whisper from stage left your fly trap is open

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

Leafing the ground

trees sate their own hunger

~Rebecca Dempsey

a sudden swing

of the weathercock 

abandoned manor 

~Arvinder Kaur

as I rearrange the river’s stones by hand...

you say

you want me to change

~Lee Hudspeth

vampire mosquitos

escape from a vampire's

niche and attack a group of night bathers and pierce their harvest of human blood 

into the vein of their vamp. Ouch!

~Madeleine Vinluan

minstrel cycle

I feel like


~Roberta Beach Jacobson

morning dew

no asterisk at the edge

of eden

~Kelly Moyer

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