Afternoon of October 9, 2022

wagamama nottingham

chopsticks clacking

slurpers slurping

sauce-stained noodles

from wooden bowls

rows of peasants

packed onto benches

behind glass


~Mark Gilbert

A domino falls over,

and over another

its neighbor falls.

~Catherine Zickgraf

morning mist

every word colored


~John Pappas

in today's horoscope

the colour I dislike

is lucky for the day

~Muskaan Ahuja

night market

the flowerseller’s

can of paint

~Kelly Moyer

sure thing


and screaming

as Espresso Speedway

powered past Masterclass

in the final straight.

I was hooked,


~Mark Gilbert

Denali bus ride …

tourists watching the moose

watching the tourists

~Bonnie J Scherer

gravity waves

past catastrophes

causing ripples

today and next week

~Mark Gilbert

empty theatre

we meet

in ghost light 

John Pappas

Half moon floats

above orange and red trees

darkening sky

shivers, not from the cold

~Steve Van Allen

a corpse

 rising from pond scum

 year of the rat 

~Anna Cates

glowing moon

casts a shadow—

flying witch

~Sharon H. Frost

lucky to have wrinkles to worry about

~Patrick Sweeney

a looking glass half-fully conscious

~Kelly Moyer

building muscle…

the repetitions in

sleepless nights


~Bonnie J Scherer


the unicorn

that was feeding

with my dreams

didn't come

I stayed up all night


and counting


on and on

~Mirela Brăilean

I must be crazy

to write all these

but here I am

~Mirela Brăilean

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