Evening of September 28, 2023


a bunch of rocks

in a jar

she names



This is Lucy.

~Kimberly Kuchar

first extraterrestrial film star

his handprints in cement show

all 12 fingers

~John J. Dunphy

floating his boat

as tea steeps

in a far-away universe

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

The week casts a long shadow.

It talks of rain and cats and dogs.

The week stops by the bar

for a long one, gin and tonic,

one drink, maybe two.

~Nolcha Fox

14-year-old hitchhiker

all his possessions

in a garbage bag

packed by

his parents

~John J. Dunphy

autumn evening

I look for hair colour

every now and then

~Bipasha Majumder (De)

fell asleep

in the sky

lightness of being

~Jennifer Gurney

Small lethargic fellow in the grass

late fall morning

not the season for a cold blooded baby

~Steve Van Allen

too much Deet wishing it was citronella finch legs stiff to the sky

~Elliot Diamond

little hamster,

what kind of secrets

do your cheeks hold?

~Kimberly Kuchar

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