Afternoon of September 25, 2023

your ashes

safe underground now

along with the dog's

~Penny Lowery

summer night

old dog comes in


~Penny Lowery


My children tell me they are bored

and all my suggestions are boring, too.

They drape themselves on couch and chair,

in blankets swathed, both semi comatose,

in listless, languid, enfeebling enervation, torpor total.

Unlike my dog, no ball, no leash,

no squirrel will quicken them to life.

~Cecil Morris

Fire is smart.

It finds the cracks.

It knows things.

~Sarah Henry

moonless night

in the crystal rocky


of consciousness


in the stirring

of her wake

the water siren's

dream lives

~Lorelyn De la Cruz Arevalo

carp from the canal in the backyard sniffing lilacs moving day

~Joseph P. Wechselberger








~Noah Berlatsky

that place between here and there where my father says goodbye

~Joseph P. Wechselberger


brother uncle son grandson

this man

all he has to do is sign his name

to enlist for this new war

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

that memory of when I was small and dad my hero a moment of minnows

~Joseph P. Wechselberger

a fairy tails

an ugly duckling

in a deep dive mission

into the pond's abyss

to steal a kiss

from the frog prince

and undo the curse

of the fairy's tail

~Lorelyn De la Cruz Arevalo

sudden wind

our conversation

blows down the street

~Joseph P. Wechselberger

Dog Days

This morning

our late daughter

is dead again

but we don’t

mention it.

And after work,

when we come home,

her dog, gone too,

does not greet us

with its dance.

~Cecil Morris

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