Morning of January 24, 2023


  the sun slow to set

the owl gives

two hoots

~B. L. Bruce

slow night

the security guard

draws dinosaurs

~John Pappas

winter afternoon

so cold the hand

with the pen

~B. L. Bruce

without whim

writing in blue

in my little red book

~Mark Gilbert

clifftop walk

staring into the abyss

of a cell phone

~John Hawkhead

sand fleas

which way the wind blows

no shadows

~Ron Scully

dung beetles rolling in worthless fortune

~John Hawkhead

orb spinner

nets an errant fly

location, location, location

~Ron Scully

primal rain

ants break rank

and dance

~Ron Scully

days when words

will not come

the milk sours

~B. L. Bruce

forest stroll

we kick the pebble

back and forth

~John Pappas

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