Afternoon of January 18, 2023


That look in your eye when you

Ate the last cookie

~Jennifer Gurney

the weight

of existential theory

my fractured toe

~Keith Evetts

Trying for bipartisanship,

The dog meowed;

The cat barked disapproval.

~Steve Gerson

In My Mind

The knots unwind

As the secrets emerge

From the family vault.

~F. Kate Langan

where to go how pigeons know

~Keith Evetts

doing time shadow of the convict

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

spattered with crankcase oil the lilacs

~Richard Magahiz

repetitive lies of love paper hearts

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

What’s for Lunch

My heart huddles on a roadside diner stool.

Fried chicken drips missed chances on her lap.

A milkshake paints her mouth with froth and grief.

Chocolate pudding leaks from rips she patched with promises.

Above her vultures circle, eyeing her as roadkill,

a runaway run over by a freight truck called life.

~Nolcha Fox


my decision not to read

the manual

~Keith Evetts

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