Afternoon of January 22, 2023


  briefcase face

transgressed into

anonymous holidays

~Keith Higginbotham

stamped on the helipad daisies

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

gazing at the blue sky   a floater has come out to play

~Patrick Sweeney

Hollywood Forever   dead actors gaining on the palms

~Patrick Sweeney

courier’s last scroll goes to someone else

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

boiling tea

needles of ice

in my throat

~Fran├žoise Maurice

spider in shower corner

watch web shudder

no prey smaller than I

~Julie A. Dickson

annoying people

seem to stick around longer

rice in the sink drain

~Sharon Ferrante


for breath


in and out

of existence

~Mark Gilbert

Such an indulgence

Coffee in the afternoon

Or just recklessness

~Jennifer Gurney

Word Play Ground

Part II

See saw in the window

of glass houses

shouldn't throw

stone age

of aquarius

~Keith Snow

The saying is true

You find what you're looking for

Heart clumps in litter

~Jennifer Gurney



a box set

and a box

of Belgian chocolates

at the end

we don't find out

what happened

~Mark Gilbert

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