Evening of December 27, 2022

Minus ten degrees outside, inside I ice a fractured wrist.

~Nolcha Fox

the full moon casts a blue color on a broken heart

~Nani Mariani

Creepy baby, crawl

up the window, hang from the ceiling,

with sinister smile and demon eyes.

They locked you up this Halloween.

But you will escape by late spring 

to eat flies.

And tourists.

~Nolcha Fox

         new year starts

   with the same stupidity 

           and continues 

   with the same stupidity

~Rupa Anand

Thoughts are disheveled

and so is my hair.

Ends split for cover

hiding under blankets,

cowering from light.

~Nolcha Fox

Why am I

not what the world sees?

How long before

the monster in the mirror

becomes this failed me?

~Nolcha Fox


with my Hawaiian shirt

his vacation plans

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

Where I’m going I

bring only what I need

a portion of me

suitcase full

of nothing, empty

of embrace, I simply

chase down a corridor

waiting to return

to the me I left behind

~Julie A. Dickson

staycation every room comes with a cat

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

                new year meows

            not the same old kibble again? 

         aren’t we getting something new?

              ~Rupa Anand

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