Afternoon of December 21, 2022

bananas so green

even the Grinch

won’t take ‘em

~Bonnie J Scherer

Christmas market

the pigeons' frenzy

on the pavement

~Fran├žoise Maurice


the irreverence

of pigeons

~Keith Evetts

Triolet Found in John Donne’s “The Flea”

mark but this flea

this flea is you and I

is more than we

mark but this flea

apt to kill me

since thou
purpled thy

mark but this flea

this flea is you and I

~Joshua St. Claire

Flee or Flea Bitten

Love my house usually,

until uninvited pests descend

nest in wait to bite ankles and cats,

awake at dawn, turn vacuum on,

spray once more, last time

I hope, but likely not, once fleas

have found their spot, my rug

infested as they say, might be easier

to move away, flea bitten

or flee

~Julie A. Dickson


his 17 lives

polydactyl cat

~Joshua St. Claire

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