Five Fleas Merch

Evening of August 13, 2022

ghost town

the wind has

its own voice

~Vandana Parashar

tax returns not catching tarpon

~Keith Evetts

reptile house

boa constrictor

sleeping off lunch

 ~Mark Gilbert

Desert comes with its native charms

cacti, ferns, dunes, vipers and moons

speak to the nomads

in old tongues

–inside, it is the Inland taipan for the soul!

~Sunil Sharma





~Mark Gilbert

castaways not washing armpits

~Keith Evetts

For Love Or (Rarely) Money
When rags that don’t pay,

Demur ‘steada publish house

Hold name writers like

Billy Collins, Charles Simic,

Lydia Davis – makes my day!

~Gerard Sarmat

fire apple an eagle eats my uterus

~Pippa Phillips

from a nightmare

I wake up

in someone else’s body

~Vandana Parashar

irrigation in the courts::litigation in the fields

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

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