Afternoon of August 31, 2022

how young you must be to walk on water

~Keith Evetts

getting the protocols for time travel from the man with the clip-on tie

~Patrick Sweeney

finding my obituary in a burned book

~Patricia Hawkhead

dust bunnies

if only to propagate

his myth

~Kelly Moyer


said flea leaving

it(ch) to me

~Geoff Pope

Sometime after dawn

the orange tractor combed the beach

as green mermaids sang.

~Damon Hubbs

that bone is no bone

is no bone

it is no bone

~Richard Magahiz

arachnid umbrellas marching forth

~Amoolya Kamalnath

ransit ion

~Geoff Pope

all day drinking on throw-up cushions

~Patricia Hawkhead

not a single right answer to my question

~Mona Bedi

Rorschach test

I see now I should've said


~Patrick Sweeney

after tasting

the soupe du jour


I forget my middle name

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

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